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Bitcoin is finally starting to see a Bull Run, now is perhaps a great time to start accepting bitcoin as payments 🚀! Here are some of the Top choices for Bitcoin Payment Gateways [No KYC]

#1 Blockonomics: Blockonomics offers plugins that easily integrate with your website.
#2 BTCPay Server: BTCPay Server is a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor.
#3 GoURL: Open- Source Bitcoin Payment Gateway. One of the longest-running services with many integrations.
#4 MyCryptoCheckout: Crypto checkout Plugin for WordPress.
#5 Coinremitter: Payment Gateway with multiple coin support
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Can't Get Coin from Electrum Wallet due to High Number of txts

I have an old electrum wallet that has almost 2btc in it. These were a consolidation of an old janky bitcoin cart that I had that would not forward ALL of the coin people paid, but always kept a small amount of change. No big deal in 2014, but now its worth something! This one wallet has coin from almost 6800 tx's. Electrum simply can't handle it and will not synchronise. Any ideas?
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Darkmarket Update

Before we begin, something must be made very clear. I overheard someone speak of bringing offline street drugs into our offices. I will not stand for this and I will not allow this, anyone considering something so foolish is obviously sober from cut, street quality drugs and in no sound state of mind to conduct his or her official Darkmarket duties.
Not to mention I would like to formally introduce our newest staff members, AnonyZDon Ludolf and MrMandrake. They have completed our hazing rituals. As you well know we have a long standing tradition of forcing our newest staff members to smoke copious amounts of purple haze while listening to purple haze in a very small room while wearing a small purple suit. Due to budget concerns we apologize for it being the wrong size and rather filthy.
Thank you. The rest of this newsletter will now commence.
In order to have a greater focus on our security at Darkmarket these are the measures we are implementing:
We will no longer be offering public tours. Private celebrations only.
We will feed the office tiger less, or possibly more cocaine.
We will remove the large illuminated Darkmarket sign from above our offices.
There are other matters at Darkmarket of great importance, equal to that of security and safety and one such matter is restoring the fraud community on the darknet. We will be opening applications for the Guide Review Board (GRB) which will have selected fraud vendors review guides on various hacking and fraud methods.
A position for PR will also be available soon feel free to apply by opening a ticket on the market but experience is required.
In closing
For new users: Our market works a little differently. We don't have individual wallets for each buyer, instead we create and generate a unique bitcoin or monero address for each new order that you make. So all you need to do is find a product you would like to purchase, click on add to cart, then click on your cart. If the product is a physical product you will see a white box to add your address details, please enter your address details and click on Next this part is quite important because it will save your address details and encrypt them with the vendors PGP!
Then click on checkout and purchase and you will be able to go back to your account, click on your purchases tab on the left hand menu bar, then the ID of the purchase which will bring up all the order details including an amount to pay in bitcoin or monero depending on what you selected at checkout, then you will see a unique bitcoin or monero address just for that order.
You simply pay the exact funds specified in BTC or XMR to the address provided and remember to include the amount for fees because if you don't pay enough it will show the balance of the address but the vendor won't be able to ship your product! Once paid it will show enough in green, will notify the vendor and they will be able to ship your product.
You will also have an order conversation where you can communicate with the vendor about your order and ask any questions you need to as well as a button to mark as delivered when you receive the product or to Extend Finalize Time if you haven't received the order in time which resets it back to the 12 day auto-finalize time!.
You can also dispute an order in a sent state at the bottom of the page, simply fill in a reason and click on submit.
Depositing and Canceling orders:
2 confirmations are needed until funds will show on an order and that if you cancel an order before this occurs and it shows in the order, a manual refund may not be done because our policy is we do not do manual refunds, if we do, there is a fee that is charged because it does take quite some time to do this on a personal request basis.
Search update:
We know there were some bugs that were reported which have now been fixed and we will be working to add back the category option in search and will also be adding keywords to products which will assist in listing products with certain search terms as well. Updates will be announced over the coming few weeks.
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Interest for Software/Programming/Hardware/Tech Club

I think it would be cool if there was a club where intriguing hardware and software projects and/or technologies could be showcased and discussed, with an interactive walkthrough session every once in a while to teach members about how to get started with something interesting the club previously discussed such as a language, tool, device, or really anything else except game design (because there is already a club for that).
The inspiration for this comes from my friend from UBCV CS year 2 who created with a friend, and the recent release of v2; I think people would find it interesting if there was a weekly meeting where someone could explain how projects such as these work on a code level and then just do an activity with the group on what they'd like.
These meetings could even cover hot-topic technologies such as cryptocurrencies (explaining centralized and decentralized exchanges such as UniSwap, coins, blockchains, wallets, mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin, altcoins, etc), algorithmic stock trading, web development, artificial intelligence, containerization, IoT with devices such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and really anything else anyone finds and is interested in.
If you are interested, please leave an upvote or comment in support, as I am looking to start this if there is enough interest. If something like this already exists and I have missed it, please let me know!
Update: This endeavour might be integrated into an existing club if it's compatible, but we'll see. Still drop an upvote or comment if interested so I can see if people like the idea.
Update 2: Am thinking of maybe also doing physical project sprints such as making a robot dog, racing drones, or if there is enough interest, something more ambitious like making an electric dragster out of an upgraded and fixed second-hand golf cart or something.
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Fastest and easiest way without a minimum purchase or high fees for customers to obtain NANO? (USA)

Hello Nano community,
Some of you may know me from /nanotrade or elsewhere, I generally am bullish on NANO and try to do my part to help spread adoption and awareness. I also run several e-commerce websites utilizing the open source Zen-Cart as my back end. Lately, and not so lately but in general, I have encountered issues with various payment processors (which actually led me to Nano in the first place, as well as a general interest in Cryptocurrency).
While there are solutions to dealing with the more stringent regulations enforced by payment processing companies, many of these require my customers to download third party apps or sign up for third party services. Not too dissimilar to how Paypal requests a user to be logged in before sending a payment in fact. Anyways, so while setting up my websites again today after losing another payment processor over the weekend, I have come to the decision, why not try and introduce my customer base to Nano and present it less so as a cryptocurrency, but more so as a digital decentralized payment solution? I have tried accepting cryptocurrencies before, however many of my customers, at least for my main e-commerce website are older and not so tech oriented. Just seeing that I accepted "Cryptocurrency" and "Bitcoin" as an option was enough to scare some of these people away. Ironically, I noticed more sales when I completely removed this payment option and all mentions of it from my website. Funny how that works.
Anyways, since I am in the middle of setting up additional payment methods, I figured now would be a good time to attempt the above with Nano, and offer a link on the "Pay with Nano" page during the check-out process for my customers to decide if they would like to try it out. My only concern, many of these people being older and technophobic, is that the process for obtaining the Nano they want to spend may be too much work and not something they would be interested in. Especially if it involves things like scanning IDs or providing more information than a simple credit or debit card number and a name. Ideally, this would be the only information they need to provide, with the ability to purchase any amount (most orders placed are between $25-$100), without paying an outrageous fee (which I will offer an incentive to cover for anyways I think). An instant transfer would also be a prerequisite. Something as fast as it takes to sign up for Cash App for example.
So, am I asking too much? Do such services exist yet in the US?
Quick rundown:
-Low fees
-No minimum or low minimum
-Non-invasive signup process
-No wait
Another thing worth mentioning, and hopefully this can provide the right people with an idea which I think could really help improve Nano adoption if implemented, was that I noticed some competitors of mine are accepting something called "PMC Coin", which is claimed to be a gold backed cryptocurrency. The gold bit is not important I do not think. What is impressive however, is that these vendors are able to provide this crypto as an option during the checkout process, and upon hitting submit, the customer is brought to the PMC Coin website, where they are presented with a form for purchasing this crypto. I have not tried going further than this, but the form contains all the required fields for a credit and debit purchase, as well as the price for the purchase being exactly what the price was for the requested items during the check-out on the forwarding website. It appears that upon purchase, the credit/debit card payment is sent to the PMC Coin sellers, and the PMC Coin in an equivalent amount is sent to the vendor. I assume the fees are offloaded onto the vendor at this point. While I have no interest in this asset in the slightest, I have to commend them on this solution, and I really hope we can see something like this emerge from the Nano community. It could be the killer app we have all been waiting for to spur adoption perhaps.
I will essentially be manually doing something like this for my customers, albeit with links and instructions, however as mentioned, the more streamlined the process is, the better. I am sure they will have an easy enough time with Natrium, and I am excited to introduce some new people into the space. But most of all I just want a simple ability to be able to keep my shop online without having to bow down to the banks and their petty requests as to what products should or should not be sold. None of us should have to deal with the Soup Nazi, be us merchants or consumers.
Thank you for your time and interest, and remember, stay bullish!
Spreads I have found so-far:
CoinGate: 100 Nano = $114.76 vs. $97.44 USDT (Binance) [$17.32 fee] [$50 minimum] (Simplex)
Atomic Wallet: 100 Nano = $115 vs. $98.40 USDT (Binance) [$16.60 fee] [$50 minimum] (Simplex) Claims 3.5% fee, requires government photo ID, 2-3 day confirmation 100 Nano = $117 vs. $99.28 USDT (Binance) [$17.72 fee] [$63 minimum] (Simplex) 100 Nano = $119 vs. $114 USDT (Binance) [$5 fee] [$63 minimum] KYC is intensive but not too crazy. 2 Minute verification too. Definitely the best option so far. Only problem is the minimum purchase.
Going to try next and the Brave browser, which I think uses Binance as a backend anyways.
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A review of my recent experience with SeedsHereNow

tldr; I placed an order with SeedsHereNow using a personal check and everything went as expected. I received my order without a hiccup 10 days after I put the check in the mail.

Hey everyone,
After doing some searching, I couldn't find any newer reviews for SeedsHereNow (SHN). Despite this, I decided to go ahead and place an order with them anyway. For the sake of getting some fresh data out there, I wanted to share with you my experience with them.
So, long story short, I had no interest in sending cash or a money order to a seed bank (or anyone else for that matter). It just seemed like there was too much risk on my end. I know some reputable places allow you to buy seeds with bitcoin or send money through google wallet (or something similar) but, that seemed like more work than it was worth. (Read as: I didn't like the sound of it so I didn't even try.) I learned that SHN was accepting personal checks and figured why not try them out. Anyone can pocket cash or a money order but I felt safer using a personal check. I put some seeds in my cart (Strawberry Fields from Crockett Family Farms) and clicked buy. Shortly after I received an email explaining how I was supposed to address the check and where to send it to. Below is the timeline of events:
All in all, aside from having to find my checkbook, it was a completely painless process. I wish I could have used my credit card but at least I found a place that gave me the option to send a personal check. I plan on placing another order with them soon and would defiantly recommend them to anyone, especially if you don't feel comfortable sending cash or a money order in the mail.
Happy growing everyone.
Edit: I don't know how to change the tag on the post...sorry. I don't have a question but for what it's worth, but I'd be happy to answer any questions if anyone had them.
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Our first generation hardware wallets were made of military-grade aerospace aluminum. We’ve stripped all that down to just focus on air-gapping your private keys.

Our first generation hardware wallets were made of military-grade aerospace aluminum. We’ve stripped all that down to just focus on air-gapping your private keys.
Hey bitcoin! I'm Lixin, longtime bitcoiner and creator of Cobo Vault.
I come from a background in the electronic hardware industry, and experienced one of my products being featured in Apple Stores around the world. Back in 2018 Cobo CEO Discus Fish, who also co-founded F2Pool, invited me to help build Cobo’s hardware product line. As we had strong ties to miners in China, we naturally designed the 1st gen with them in mind. In China, mining farms are nearly always built in very isolated places where there is very cheap wind or water electricity. When we built our 1st generation Cobo Vault hardware wallet, we needed to maximize the durability of the device in addition to its security. We used aerospace aluminum rather than plastic and made it completely IP68 waterproof, IK9 drop resistant, and military standard MIL-STD-810G durable for the mining industry.
Things changed last year when I went to Bitcoin 2019 and talked to lots of hodlers in the States. I found that 95% of them don’t care about durability. I asked them if they were afraid of their home being flooded or burned down in a fire. The answer is - yes, they are afraid of these things, but see them as very low possibilities. Even if something were to happen, they said they would just buy another HW wallet for 100 dollars. From these conversations, it became more and more clear we should design a product around a normal hodler’s needs.
Our 2nd gen product compromises on durability but doesn’t compromise on security.
Most hodlers share some needs with miners:
  1. Hodlers want a more air-gapped solution so we kept QR code data transmission between your hardware wallet and the companion app which is also auditable.
  2. A Secure Element is the strongest wall of protection from physical attacks. We are the first hardware wallet - also maybe the first electronic product with SE - to have open source SE firmware.
  3. A battery can be a significant weak point. The 2nd gen continues the legacy of detachable batteries to prevent corrosion damage and will also support AAA batteries in case your battery dies someday.
  4. The 2nd gen also keeps the 4-inch touchscreen so you don’t need to suffer from tiny buttons and little screens anymore. Human error is one of the biggest reasons people lose their assets.
  5. We kept other features like the self-destruct mechanism and Web Authentication, which prevent side-channel and supply chain attacks.
If you'd like to read more about these features, check out our blog posts.
Aside from the legacy of the 1st gen, our 2nd gen product will have:
  1. Open source hardware wallet application layer and Secure Element firmware code. With the open source firmware code, you can see: random number generation, master private key generation, key derivation, and the signing process all happen within the SE and your private keys never leave.
  2. At the Bitcoin 2019 conference half the hodlers I met told me they own multiple hardware wallets which they use on the go. We added a fingerprint sensor you can use to authorize transactions without typing in your password. No need to worry about surveillance cameras when using your hardware wallet in airports.
  3. We will also support PSBT (BIP174) to be compatible with third-party wallets like Electrum or Wasabi Wallet in case people have need of using Cobo Vault with their own node or coinjoin. Multisig between Cobo Vault and other wallets will be realized to prevent single point failure with any brand of hardware wallet.
  4. By sacrificing the durability, we successfully controlled the price under 100 USD for the basic version.
  5. BTC-only firmware version for people who want to minimize the codebase for less of an attack surface.
We truly appreciate the support from the community and are giving away free metal storage Cobo Tablets with every purchase of our 2nd gen for a week! Add a tablet to your cart and place your order before May 5th, 8 AM PST to claim your free metal storage. Find us on Twitter CryptoLixin and CoboVault - any suggestions or questions are welcome!
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My experience buying weed from a non-darknet site

Hey y’all, I bought some carts online through a site on the clearnet and thought I’d share my experience. Thought it might help someone else in the same boat.
Background: I’ve only started smoking weed since it became legal in states that I’ve visited and only really got into it once I brought a cart home from Colorado. I live in Texas and I’m in a new town, doing full time daddy daycare until the plague finally runs its course. I’ve seen a bunch of well rated plugs around me on LeafedOut but I’m in a tightly packed suburban area and I really don’t want my neighbors smelling a joint burning in the backyard. Carts are my go to, but I know not to trust carts that aren’t from dispensaries so I started researching online methods.
My first idea was trying to find someone in a legal state who I could Venmo that would go to a dispensary and mail me clean carts. I asked a few guys on leafedout and even messaged a guy I knew in high school who now runs a dispensary in Michigan. They all shot me down so I started searching this sub for other ideas.
The darknet is the obvious way to go. The idea of the darknet always kinda skeeved me out but I found the site that just sells shrooms and pot and it was a lot easier to get into than I thought it would be. The first seller listed claimed to sell carts they make themselves free of pesticides or cutting agents and was selling 5 carts for about $150 so it all seemed good, but I wanted to keep researching before I took the plunge.
I found a couple of clearnet sites that claimed to sell weed and 2 of them seemed to be the real deal. They’ve both been mentioned in this sub several times and no one has posted anything bad about them, so that seemed like a good possibility. One of the sites (sub rules say not to list sources but it’s the website with an alliterative name) was selling MarioCarts and TKO which I know to stay away from so that seemed like a bad idea.
The other one is this one guy working (as far as I can tell) by himself in Washington. He’s got a nice little blog on his site and even posts videos of himself on hikes talking about his business. It seemed comforting so I thought what the hell let’s give it a try.
I traded some Venmo for bitcoin on /cash4cash and placed an order on his site. I got an automated email confirming my order and about 2 days later the owner emailed me with payment instructions. I sent the bitcoin to his wallet and didn’t hear back for about 5 days (for future readers, this happened in the middle of the Covid lockdown and 4/20/20 so people were buying lots of weed.) but I finally heard from him saying he had dropped the envelope in the mail. It arrived to my house 2 days later on 4/20 in a discrete usps priority envelope.
I got two 1g carts of Alaskan Thunder Fuck for about $140. The carts had no packaging or labeling other than the clear tube they come in, and a handwritten ATF written in silver sharpie on the side of the cart.
I was a little worried at first because the bubble was moving kind of fast but after some research I learned that isn’t totally uncommon. They hit good, no burning, and I got a pretty good high off of one hit. I fell asleep shortly after so I don’t know how long the high lasted but I’m going to hit it again tonight and will report back if anyone’s interested.
And I guess that’s it. It was a pretty smooth experience all and all and if you need a hookup it’s not a bad way to go, but I personally don’t think I’ll do it again. I’m not a heavy user and the only reason I ended up buying it was I’m getting bored sitting around my house every evening not able to leave (again, Covid 19, future readers). Sometimes when I get an idea in my head I have trouble forgetting about it. This was one of those things I really wanted to try but once I placed the order, I realized how fucked I could be if shit went sideways. But hey, now I have 2g of oil and that should literally last me the rest of the year with the amount I smoke. Happy to answer any questions or let you berate me for doing something stupid.
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Hello, HYIP investors. In this article, I will introduce a program called It just started today, namely 01st July and the first day online. Admin bought listing on my website two hours ago. provides long term deposit plans to its investors, and you can get 4%-5% each calendar day. The most important things is that you can get back your initial deposit before maturity. Now let’s see it together.
Started: 2020–07–01
My deposit: $400
The amount of 400 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U3869878->U23360895. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to EX BONDS LTD. User hyiper_net.. Date: 03:32 01.07.20. Batch: 321465971
Investment Plans
(1) Deposit 10–10000 dollars, earn 4% daily for 50 days and principal back
(2) Deposit 10000–100000 dollars, earn 5% daily for 50 days and principal back
These are two plans provides. You can withdraw your initial deposits at any time with 10% fees charged. I think such investment plans will be attractive all investors.
For example, if you deposit $100, then you will earn $4 daily from Monday to Sunday. You can withdrawal or reinvest the daily profit as your willings. After 50 days reached, you will earn $200 profit with your initial deposit($100) back, totally $300. Of course, if you want to release your deposit before your plan expires, then you can do it at any time, but you will be charged 10% fees.
Promotional Rewards provides three level referral commissions for its promoters, that is 5%, 1% and 1%. So, if you register through my personal link, then welcome to submit RCB request within 24 hours after your successful investment. I will give 5% of your deposit amount back to your wallet.
Payment Options
You can choose among PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Dogecoin and Dash.
Withdrawal Type
The minimum withdrawal amount is 2 dollars, and your withdrawal request will be processed within 24 hours.
Whois Information
Domain Time: 2020/02/25–2020/02/25
IP Address: is hosted on a dedicated server
IP Location: Belize — Belize City — Ddos-guard Corp.
ASN: AS262254 DDOS-GUARD CORP., BZ (registered Dec 05, 2012)
Summary runs its website on a brief but professionally designed template, and it is easy for investors to operate. Admin registered a UK company certificate for its program which is called “Ex Bond LTD”, and you can check the link below: opened a Youtube channel, there are four tutorials for investors, including registration, deposit, withdrawal and reinvest. So if you don’t know how to take part in, just click the link below:
If you have any other questions, you can contact their support through the online chat box at the bottom of their website, or use the contact info below.
Contact Info
Email: [email protected]
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Started: 2020–05–26
My Deposit: $200
The amount of 200 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U3869878->U21524869. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. . Date: 13:10 19.06.20. Batch: 319883157.
Investment Plans
Invest $30–5000, earn 2% each working day for 75 working days and principal included
Invest $5001–10000, earn 2.25% each working day for 70 working days and principal included
Invest $10001–20000, earn 2.5% each working day for 65 working days and principal included
Invest $20001–100000, earn 3.5% each working day for 50 working days and principal included
These are all the plans provides. Since trading takes place only 5 days a week, you will receive return on investment from Monday to Friday. I think the most suitable plan is the first one for all investors, because you only need $30 to start your investment journey. Let me take an example:
if you deposit $100, then you can earn 2% daily from Monday to Friday, and you can withdrawal or reinvest the money at any time as your willings. After 75 working days, you will earn $150 totally and initial deposit included. That is to say, your net profit will be $50.
Promotional Rewards
Referral Bonus
Existing clients can earn referral bonus by introducing new clients. pays 10% referral bonus if the person whom you have referred makes a deposit. Referral bonus is paid instantly. Even the accounts that are not having active deposit are eligible to get referral bonus. The referral bonus will be credited directly to the E-wallet upon the completion of the registration and investment process of the members present down the line.
Binary Matching Bonus
Binary matching bonus will be credited only to the accounts with active deposits. Binary matching income is calculated every 24 hours. Please refer the binary chart for different binary matching slabs.
In binary plan, the new clients are placed below the introducer (referrer) to the left or right side (left or right sub-tree). The tree of a Binary Network Plan will have two legs-left and right; but if a member recruits more than two, then the additional member will be added to the next member down-line. This concept allows the additional member to be shared with down-line member (power leg) and the one who recruited them. This is referred to as spillover. With respect to profit leg, there won’t be a spillover as the profit leg will be expanded with individually sponsored downlines. The binary plan is mostly quantity oriented and not based on the levels.
If you register through my personal link, then 10% of your deposit amount will be transferred back to your personal wallet. So don’t forget to submit your RCB request from top menu section on my website, I will transfer the money to you once admin processes my withdrawal request.
Payment Options accepts PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash. Please remember that Bitcoin Payment takes 6 Confirmation in Blockchain. After Bitcoin deposit, it might take anywhere from 1 minute to 3 hours for the funds to be credited in your Vertex Trades account.
Withdrawal Type
The withdrawal processing time after withdrawal request is 48 hours, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USD. charges a total of 10% withdrawal fee while transferring the funds from Vertex Trades E- wallet to your e-currency account. However, no fee is charged for internal transfer, i.e., transfer of funds from one Vertex Trades Account Balance to another Vertex Trades Account Balance, so you can use the internal transfer instead of withdrawal function to save the 10% fee. But remember that only use this function with your trusted friends to keep your money safe.
Whois Information
Domain Registration: 2020/01/23–2023/01/23
IP Address:–1,541 other sites hosted on this server
IP Location: California — Menifee — Sucuri
ASN: AS30148 SUCURI-SEC, US (registered Feb 13, 2015)
Summary runs its website on an original template, and it now supportes 20 languages. Like most projects, admin also registered a UK company called “VERTEX TRADES LTD”, and you can check its certificate clicking here. From its investment plan, we can know that its profit is not too high, but from its promotional rewards, we can see profitable rewards for promoters. From the picture below, we can see that there is only 8 monitors although it has already operated for 92 days, maybe admin has his own promotional methods.
If you have more questions, you can contact admin through its online chat box or the contact info I wrote below.
Contact Info
[email protected]
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List of moderately difficult skribbl words for your new friend group (1200+ words)

That is to say that this list contains words that this list contains words that:
  1. Usually aren't instantly guess-able (like star, apple, or Nike).
  2. Can be played with a group of acquaintances (I play with a group of interns at work to blow off time)
Created this list by modifying an existing difficult word list we found online and adding a bunch of new words. If you see a stupid difficult word, it was probably a word from the existing difficult word list that I forgot to remove. (amicable and reimbursement were the type of bs I removed lol).
abraham lincoln, accordion, accounting, acre, actor, adidas, advertisement, air conditioner, aircraft carrier, airport security, alarm clock, alcohol, alert, alice in wonderland, alphabet, altitude, amusement park, angel, angle, angry, ankle, apathetic, apathy, apparatus, applause, application, apron, archaeologist, archer, armada, arrows, art gallery, ashamed, asteroid, athlete, atlantis, atlas, atmosphere, attack, attic, audi, aunt, austin powers, australia, author, avalanche, avocado, award, baby, baby-sitter, back flip, back seat, baggage, baguette, baker, balance beam, bald, balloon, bamboo, banister, barbershop, barney, baseboards, bat, beans, beanstalk, beard, bed and breakfast, bedbug, beer pong, belt, beluga whale, berlin wall, bible, biceps, bikini, binder, biohazard, biology, birthday, biscuit, bisexual, bitcoin, black hole, blacksmith, bleach, blizzard, blueprint, bluetooth, blunt, blush, boa constrictor, bobsled, bonnet, book, bookend, bookstore, border, boromir, bottle cap, boulevard, boundary, bow tie, bowling, boxing, braces, brain, brainstorm, brand, bride, bride wig, bruise, brunette, bubble, bubble bath, bucket, buckle, buffalo, bugs bunny, bulldog, bumble bee, bunny, burrito, bus, bushel, butterfly, buzz lightyear, cabin, cable car, cadaver, cake, calculator, calendar, calf, calm, camera, cannon, cape, captain, captain america, car, car accident, carat, cardboard, carnival, carpenter, carpet, cartography, cartoon, cartoonist, castaway, castle, cat, catalog, cattle, cd, ceiling, cell, cellar, centimetre, centipede, century, chain mail, chain saw, chair, champion, chandelier, channel, chaos, charger, chariot, chariot racing, check, cheerleader, cheerleader dust, chef, chemical, cherub, chess, chevrolet, chick-fil-a, chicken coop, chicken legs, chicken nugget, chime, chimney, china, chisel, chord, church, circus tent, clamp, classroom, cleaning spray, cliff, cliff diving, climate, clique, cloak, clog, clown, clue, coach, coast, cockpit, coconut, 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zombieland, zoo
submitted by skribblwords to skribbl [link] [comments] Review: 6% daily forever and principal included is a newly launched HYIP project which started on 1st Jun 2020, namely only 3 days online till now. It provides a medium term deposit plan, and you you can earn profit for termless with a one-time deposit. Admin bought Standard listing on my website two days ago. Both of my withdrawal requests were already processed instantly in to PerfectMoney wallet. Now let me introduce it to you.
Started: 2020-06-01
My deposit: $200
The amount of 200 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U3869878->U23463201. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to Abys Trade Limited User hyiper.. Date: 06:41 02.06.20. Batch: 317417539
Investment Plans
With minimum $5 deposit, you can earn 6% daily for lifetime and principal included. For example, if you deposit $100, then you can earn $6 per day from Monday to Sunday, your monthly income will be $180.
Of course, the precondition is that still be in normal operation. In fact, you can break even within 16 days with my RCB since your deposit, and starting from the 17th day, you will begin to gain net profit. So if you are confident with this project, then welcome to invest with your spare money.
Payment Options accepts PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can choose the one which is suitable for you.
Withdrawal Type
The minimal withdrawal amount is 1 USD, and investors can get their money instantly after submitting withdrawal requests. Withdrawal is available only by using the same payment system which were used to make a deposit.
Referral Commissions
The affiliate program will bring you 7% from deposits of all your direct referrals. The referral commission is accrued to your balance instantly, and you can choose to reinvest or withdraw. For investors who join under my link at the end of this article, I will give back 7% of his deposit amount, and you can submit RCB request at the top of my website for send me email. So don't forget to click my link when you register.
Domain Registration
Domain Time: 2020/04/25-2023/04/25
IP Address: is hosted on a dedicated server
IP Location: Georgia - Atlanta - Namecheap Inc
ASN: AS22612 NAMECHEAP-NET, US (registered Jun 21, 2011)
More Information runs its website on an original designed template, and registered a UK company certificate named "ABYS TRADE LIMITED". You can click the link here to check its certificate registration. If you have further questions, you can send me emails, or contact admin through Telegram and support page. I hope it can pay for over 15 days to let early investors make money, because too many fast scams these two months and we need some qualified projects.
Read More:
submitted by vipinvestor1988 to u/vipinvestor1988 [link] [comments]

A great time to start accepting bitcoin as payments 🚀! Top Bitcoin Payment Gateways [No KYC]

If you are looking to start accepting bitcoin for your business, now is a great time to do so! Here is a list of top bitcoin payment gateways [No KYC]
#1 Blockonomics: Blockonomics offers plugins that easily integrate with your website.
#2 BTCPay Server: BTCPay Server is a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor.
#3 GoURL: Open- Source Bitcoin Payment Gateway. One of the longest-running services with many integrations.
#4 Electrum Merchants: Electrum Merchants is an open-source payment service offered by popular bitcoin wallet Electrum.
#5 Cashier-BTC: Cashier-BTC is a self-hosted Node.js Bitcoin payment gateway. Provides REST API (microservice).
#6 Coinremitter: Payment Gateway with multiple coin support
submitted by primalfabric to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

How to have a FAST and SMOOTH transaction with OGTony (and other sellers)

I see a lot of people lately complaining about the transaction time it takes when dealing with Tony, I've been dealing exclusively with Tony and I personally have had nothing but positive experiences. I'd like to share some advice with everyone, to make the process as smooth as possible.
We're going to take a couple things into account here.
  1. While we don't know exactly where Tony is, I can speculate that he is somewhere in mainland china. More than likely he is somewhere in eastern China, as this tends to be the more industrialized and shipping centers for China. This puts him at UTC+8, a little hack for figuring out what time OGTony is currently in is: It's exactly 12 hours different Eastern US Time, so if it's 3pm for you in NYC, it's 3am for OGTony.
  2. He does not keep inventory on hand, he is ordering products from the factory directly.
  3. His team is relatively small, I'm assuming in the range of 3-5 people based on the information I've gathered from his posts on this subreddit.
I've personally never had too long of a wait, typically receiving any products within 7-9 days of ordering. Here's my golden philosophy, this does apply to other sellers as well. They are all typically in the same area, being china.
  1. Figure out what you want before hand and prepare the funds, I typically price out all the products I want in my cart and prepare the funds for the purchase. I tend to use BTC, because it is SUPER fast and I don't even have to leave the house. If you need BTC, just use Cashapp it's almost instant and your receiving address can change with every single transaction, making it relatively untraceable compared to WU.
  2. I'll wait till 9-10pm (EST) to shoot Tony a message usually, "Hey bro I'm going to buy X is G5/PK/OWF the best option." He'll usually reply within 10-20 minutes because it's MORNING for him, he's up and working.
  3. The second I get his message, It's time to place my order. Now I already have this stuff in my cart, the reason I messaged him is to get his attention. I'll place the order ASAP, and immediately send him a message containing ONLY "Order# 123456789."
  4. He'll almost instantly send me a BTC address to send the payment too, BTC addresses take seconds to generate compared to finding someone to setup a WU payment pickup or PayPal account. I'll send the funds via Bitcoin IMMEDIATELY, with maximum fee. The reason we do maximum fee is that it makes the transaction post almost immediately (usually 1-2 minutes.)
  5. I immediately take a screenshot of the Transaction ID, and payment information sent from my Bitcoin wallet. This screenshot is sent to OGTony, because this means he can immediately mark the order as paid. He'll usually just reply "Thank you bro, I prepare for you."
  6. The QC pics are sent to me usually 24 hours to 48 hours maximum, I've never waited more than 2 days for QC pics personally.

So here's the breakdown of why we're doing all of this:
- People complain about waiting a while to hear back from him, understand he is not in your timezone. If you message him at 3pm (EST), you are messaging him at 3am his time. This means that your message is probably being buried from 1000 other messages he has to filter through, he may honestly just miss your message.
- By paying with BTC, we're avoiding the delays of having someone pickup the payment from Western Union. Western Union funds can take a variable amount of time to go through, anything from 15 minutes to 24 hours. He also has to have someone go pickup the payment, which may not happen till the next day. PayPal is really not much better, they always have to use a different PayPal email. Which means that they need to find someone who is selling them bulk paypal accounts, they have to wait for the funds to ACH out of PayPal as well after receiving them. This typically takes 24 hours, we want to minimize the payment time. That's why we use BTC, it is transferred almost instantly. The MAXIMUM bitcoin fee is not bad, it's like $2-3 for a $300+ order and it takes just 2-3 minutes for payment confirmation.
- Ordering bright and early, for Tony, means that with our order placed and payment confirmed at 9-10am his time. He can place the order with the factories bright and early. This means that those products can actually be delivered to his processing plant, possibly by the end of the same day. The benefit of this is that, our QC pics can be delivered to us in less than 24 hours because we purchased and paid, the same day nice and early.
- Now because we can receive those QC pics, in less than 24 hours. Possibly by 9-10pm OUR TIME, we can immediately send him the GL or RL. If we RL, he can place another order with the factory bright and early in the morning and get a replacement. If we GL, he knows to ship them at 9-10AM HIS TIME. This means the package can usually be shipped in less than 24 hours, I typically get tracking #'s within 24 hours of giving him the GL because I deal with him BASED ON HIS TIME ZONE.

  1. Contact the seller based on THEIR TIME NOT YOURS, earlier the better.
  2. Pay with BTC, it's instant and doesn't need to be collected.
  3. GL/RL based on THEIR TIME NOT YOURS, this means they can process an exchange or ship before night.

Seriously guys, follow this formula for placing your orders. I honestly have little sympathy for people that say the process takes a long time when they don't even have the courtesy to understand that Tony, Monica, whoever does not work on your time. Their business hours are THEIR business hours, you wouldn't go to Target at 3am, so why are you expecting them to be operating at 3am their time. I have ordered and received my products in less than a week before, typically it is 7-9 days from order to receiving them.
submitted by 00x000AB7 to Repsneakers [link] [comments] Review: 1.7% daily for 15 working days is a high yield investment project which has been online since 05th April 2020. It mainly provides medium term deposit plans, and the shortest investment cycle is 15 working days. Admin bought Standard listing on my website last week. My former two withdrawal requests were both processed successfully into PerfectMoney wallet. Now let’s see something about it.
Started: 05th April 2020
My deposit: $200
The amount of 200 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U3869878->U21015095. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Invoice 263, hyiper.. Date: 06:46 30.04.20. Batch: 312618568
Investment Plans
  1. Deposit $15–7500, earn 1.7% each working day for 15 working days and principal back
  2. Deposit $450–10000, earn 2.3% each working day for 30 working days and principal back
  3. Deposit $800–100000, earn 3.3% each working day for 50 working days and principal back
  4. Deposit $900–8500, earn 155% after 15 working days
  5. Deposit $900–15000, earn 250% after 30 working days
  6. Deposit $900–25000, earn 400% after 50 working days
  7. Deposit $2500–50000, earn 11% each working day for 15 working days and principal included
  8. Deposit $3000–75000, earn 12.5% each working day for 30 working days and principal included
  9. Deposit $3500–150000, earn 13.5% each working day for 50 working days and principal included
These are all the plans provides. There is no doubt that the first plan is the most suitable one, because it only needs $15 to participate. Just as what I wrote in last articles, I only suggest to invest with your spare money because all HYIP projects are only gamble games online, so never invest what you can’t afford to lose.
Referral Commissions
For all registered users, provides you with 2-tier referral commissions which is 5% and 2%. But for representatives, offer 10% and 4% commissions, so if you want to be a representative member, please don’t hesitate to contact the admin.
If you register through my personal link below, then welcome to submit RCB request within 24 hours after investment. I will give back 5% of your deposit amount.
Payment Options
You can choose PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Dash, Dogecoin, Monero and Ripple to invest and withdraw.
Withdrawal Type
According to the rules on its website, “Withdrawal via Perfect Money and Payeer payment systems is usually processed instantly. Withdrawal via crypto-wallets may take up to 72 hours”. But in fact, my withdrawal throught PerfectMoney is also processed manually, not instantly. So just consider withdrawal requests to be in manual mode.
Whois Information
Domain Date: 2020/01/22–2021/01/22
IP Address: is hosted on a dedicated server
IP Location: Bayern — Gunzenhausen — Hetzner Online Ag
ASNl: AS24940 HETZNER-AS, DE (registered Jun 03, 2002)
Other Information registered Geotrust EVSSL and UK company certificate, the registration number is 12439931. You may already see a translation button on their website, but other languages are still not available except English, and I will replenish the updates when admin adds new languages in the future. If you want to keep up with more updates, then you can follow its social account at the bottom of its website.
This is all the information I want to share with you, then what is your opinion? Welcome to leave your comment below.
Read More:
submitted by vipinvestor1988 to u/vipinvestor1988 [link] [comments]

Recent report says that nobody uses Bitcoin for payments. Is that really true?

Recently, we stumbled upon a report about the use of Bitcoin (you can read more about the study here) which made a few headlines in the media stating that ‘almost nobody uses it’.
It suggests that only 1.3% of all bitcoin transactions account for payments made to merchants. But if you start crunching the numbers, they don’t seem to add up. We at CoinGate also compared the numbers with our data to show you why we doubt the accuracy of this report.
According to data retrieved from, there were 290,287 bitcoin transactions per day on average in the last 12 months. It means that this 1.3% would account for 3,774 transactions per day that were made for paying for goods and services.
CoinGate processes more than 1,000 of such Bitcoin transactions per day on average. Now, if we’d assume that the report presents accurate data, that would mean that 26.5% of all merchant related transactions go through us, which would be way off the track.
What about BitPay, or CoinPayments? For example, at the beginning of the year, BitPay stated that they had processed more than $1 billion worth of transactions last year with an average cart size of $678.77. This means that in a year, they processed around 1,473,250 transactions or 4,036 transactions per day. Even this number is already more than 1.3% that is presented in the report.
And we are not even mentioning all those stores that accept Bitcoin directly to their wallets, or via open-source software like BTCPay.
It’s not that we want to throw shade on the company that published this report. We’re just concerned that it spreads a false message that cryptocurrencies are all about speculation.
submitted by CoinGate to Bitcoin [link] [comments]



1. On our website like any online shop. Without registration

We accept the following cyptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Tether, Monero, Dash, Zcash, Binance Coin, Bitcoin Cash, Eos, Stellar and Tron.
Go to Buy Futbol Coin (FUCO). Select the desired quantity and click on “Add to cart“. Check your purchase order and click on “Proceed to checkout“. Enter the address of your wallet compatible with Ethereum ERC20 tokens where you will receive the Futbol Coin (FUCO) tokens and click on “Place order”. Then choose the payment cryptocurrency and finalize your order.
2. Cryptocurrency Exchanges
You can buy Futbol Coin (FUCO) in several Exchanges. You will need the following information.
Name: Futbol Coin
Symbol: FUCO
Smart contract: 0xa9f2c8ef5eeb27dc7819cd1712f02e816db02056
Decimals: 0

Example in Forkdelta Exchange.
Enter to Forkdelta website ForkDelta. Select other cryptomontages. Introduce the name Futbol Coin (FUCO), number of decimals ¨0¨ and the following smart contract:
Finally buy the desired amount.
submitted by futbolcoin to u/futbolcoin [link] [comments] Review: 6%-9% daily for lifetime

Hello, dear HYIP investors. In this article, let’s see, which is a high yield investment program. It provides medium term deposit plans and you can earn lifetime profits with only one-time investment. Admin bought Standard listing on my website two days ago, and I already received the first withdrawal requests. Now let me introduce it to you.
Started: 2019–05–21
My Deposit: $200
The amount of 200 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U3869878->U20363394. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to User hyiper_net.. Date: 01:12 15.04.20. Batch: 310864993
Investment Plans
(1) Deposit $25–4999, earn 6% daily for lifetime and principal included
(2) Deposit $5000–14999, earn 7% daily for lifetime and principal included
(3) Deposit $15000–49999, earn 8% daily for lifetime and principal included
(4) Deposit $50000–300000, earn 9% daily for lifetime and principal included
These are all the plans provides. I think the most suitable one is the first plan, because you can start the business with only $25. For example, if you deposit $100, then you will earn $6 per day from Monday to Friday. After 16 days, you will break even and be out of risk period(together with my 5% referral commissions). Starting from the 17th day, you will earn 6% net profit daily. Of course, all investment projects have risks, so don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose and only join with your spare money.
Referral Commissions provides 5% commissions to promoters. For example, if your friends register with your invitation link and deposit $1000, then you will earn $50 directly into your balance. If you join with my link below, I will give back 5% of your deposit into your wallet once I withdraw successfully. So don’t forget to submit your RCB request from top menu of my website.
Payment Options accept PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin.
Withdrawal Type
Withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 business hours. But usually, it will be quicker. My last withdrawal was processed within 24 hours.
More Informtaion just changed its website template and deposit plans about 20 days ago, and what you see now is a completely new project. So we can also say that this project finished its sleeping status 20 days ago. Admin registered a UK company certificate and you can find the registration number(12534774). You can also find the latest deposit and withdrawal records at the homepage of their website, it will be better if there are correct date and time behind each record, just refer them according to your experience.
Read More:
submitted by vipinvestor1988 to u/vipinvestor1988 [link] [comments] Review: 1.6% daily for 20 days and principal back is a HYIP project which provides medium and long term deposit plans. The shortest investment cycle only needs 20 calendar days. The program started on 07th Apr and admin bought standard listing on my website two days ago. My first withdrawal request was processed successfully into my PerfectMoney wallet. Now let me introduce it to you all.
Started: 2020–04–07
My deposit: $200
The amount of 200 USD has been withdrawn from your account. Accounts: U3869878->U20413753. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. . Date: 05:12 07.04.20. Batch: 310030382
Investment Plans
  1. Deposit 50–499 dollars, earn 1.6% daily for 20 days and principal back
  2. Deposit 500–4999 dollars, earn 1.9% daily for 25 days and principal back
  3. Deposit 5000–24999 dollars, earn 2.2% daily for 30 days and principal back
  4. Deposit 25000–50000 dollars, earn 2.5% daily for 40 days and principal back
  5. Deposit 1000–7999 dollars, earn 2.8% daily for 100 days and principal included
  6. Deposit 8000–19999 dollars, earn 3.5% daily for 100 days and principal included
  7. Deposit 20000–49999 dollars, earn 4.0% daily for 100 days and principal included
  8. Deposit 50000–100000 dollars, earn 4.5% daily for 100 days and principal included
What I should remind is that you can see a button called “Accrued Interest” when you deposit.The accrued interest is the interest accrued from one payment due day to the next as well as the total amount of interest payable to a deposit over time. If you choose “Accrued Interest”, the amount of interest and deposit will receive at the end of the cycle, so you should not choose it if you want to withdraw profit daily.
Referral Commissions
For promoters, they can earn up to 23 level commissions. But you can also earn referral commissions without having your own deposit.
Payment Options
Currently, supports PerfectMoney, Bitcoin and Ethereum; But maybe Litecoin and Payeer will be added in the near future, because we can already see the payment option when replenishing account balance.
Withdrawal Type
The minimum withdrawal amount is 5 USD, and any funds withdrawal request can be processed by the system for up to 24 hours.
More Information runs its website on a customized script and original template. You can find Telegram channel, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube on top of their website, so please follow them if you are interested in It supports 8 languages currently, including English, Chinese, Russian, Korea, Vietnamese, French, Italian and Spanish. Although doesn’t publish out their company certificate on the website now, I still found it on UK company house called “Finnet Technology Limited” which is the same as the title of their website.
For now, if you have more questions and want to communicate with admin, you can leave messages through the online chat widget at the bottom of their website. But in the near future, will close the online chat feature. All support requests will be processed on Telegram Group and Facebook Group. You can join their Telegram and Facebook groups from their details page on my website.
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04-05 16:04 - 'Forsage // Earn ETH Daily!' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/4ndym4c removed from /r/Bitcoin within 5-15min

🔥🔥🔥 maximize your income in Ethereum with Forsage leveraging first ever decentralized matrixes built on ETH smart contract.
This is Forsage Link To Get Started: [link]1
Small Starting Capital - You Can Get Started With As Little As 0.05ETH or $6!
​100% Of The Income Comes To Members! The Project Doesn't Take or Keep Any People's Money!
​The Project Is Completely Decentralised!
​Based On Ethereum Smart Contract - No Admin Needed!
Great Income Potential!
​Completely Transparent - All The Income Of All The People In The Project Is Verifiable On Blockchain!
➡️ To get started you need to Download the Trust Crypto Wallet App on your mobile phone OR install Metamask On Google Chrome.
Sign up here ➡️ [link]1
Forsage can generate you unlimited amount of income in ETH with Forsage X3 and Forsage X4 matrixes.
It's ETH money making machine on steroids. Everything is based on Smart Contract, no admin required.
100% of the funds go to the members, project creators never take or touch the members funds.
You can check everyone how much income they are making transparently on the blockchain! Everyone can earn here, you can get started with as little as 0.05ETH.
It's recommended to get at least 3-6 slots in both of the Matrixes upon getting started, to do so after you register with 0.05 ETH, you upgrade to slots 2-6 in Forsage X3 and Forsage X4.
To get started you need to download the Trust Crypto Wallet on your mobile phone OR install Metamask On Google Chrome, create wallet – set up a password and write down on a piece of paper 12 words mnemonic password and keep it in a safe place, and transfer ETH to your ETH wallet.
To unlock 3 slots in both matrixes you need about 0.37ETH (0.35ETH plus gas fees). To unlock 4 earning slots in both matrixes you need 0.77ETH, to unlock 5 earning slots you need 1.55ETH. to unlock 6 earning slots in both matrixes you need 3.15 ETH.
If you don’t have ETH you can buy it with credit card on best rates and withdraw from there to your Trust Wallet or Metamask wallet.
After you fund your ETH wallet, click on the link that was given to you by your referral partner. Then Click on the Green Button “Automatic Login/Registration”, click Confirm on the next page (make sure you have the correct login ID of your upline) and then approve the 0.05 ETH to interact with the smart contract.
You will see a pop up window if you are using Metamask, or if you are using Trust Wallet then in Dapps section in URL enter the link and click on “Registration” -> “Confirm” and Approve. After that you will be inside Forsage and if not you can click on [link]1 and Login.
Then you click on the next slot by clicking on the pink “Shopping Cart” illustration, click on “confirm purchase” and approve, and activate the next slots in the Forsage X3 and Forsage X4 matrixes.
For instructions on how to set up your account with Metamask watch this video [link]4 and for instructions on how to register with Trust Wallet watch this video - [link]4
Sign up here ➡️ [link]1
📣 Join Channel: @ForsageEthSmartContract
📣 Join Chat: @ForsageEthSmartContractTeam
💭For questions contact: @dxwif
Forsage // Earn ETH Daily!
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Author: 4ndym4c
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[For Hire] Web and Email Hosting from $2 per year

This service is aimed at small businesses, personal websites, and the non-technical who need their website and email running at a extremely good price.
A big thank you to everyone who have purchased my services so far!
The Web Hosting plans start from $2 (USD) per year, Below is the specifications on the plans. If you need a custom plan, please send me a DM.
Please see my post history for vouches and proof of sales. This is not some scam or cracked account, all services are legitimate and hosted on dedicated servers within a secure datacenter.

$2 PER YEAR - 3GB Storage and you can host 1 domains / Websites (Discounted to $5 if paid 3 years in advance)
$3 PER YEAR - 5GB Storage and you can host 2 domains / Websites (Discounted to $8 if paid 3 years in advance)
$4 PER YEAR - 10GB Storage and you can host 2 domains / Websites (Discounted to $10 if paid 3 years in advance)
$5 PER YEAR - 15GB Storage and you can host 3 domains / Websites (Discounted to $12 if paid 3 years in advance)
$10 PER YEAR - 25GB Storage and you can host 4 domains / Websites (Discounted to $25 if paid 3 years in advance)
$15 PER YEAR - 50GB Storage and you can host 5 domains / Websites (Discounted to $40 if paid 3 years in advance)
$20 PER YEAR - 100GB Storage and you can host 10 domains / Websites (Discounted to $50 if paid 3 years in advance)
$25 PER YEAR - 150GB Storage and you can host 15 domains / Websites (Discounted to $60 if paid 3 years in advance)
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$35 PER YEAR - 250GB Storage and you can host 25 domains / Websites (Discounted to $90 if paid 3 years in advance)

Web Traffic: Unmetered
Email Accounts: Unlimited
MySQL Databases: Unlimited
FTP Accounts: Unlimited
Sub Domains: Unlimited
SSH/Shell Access: Jailed SSH
Automated Installer: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart and 150+ Other Popular PHP Applications
Back ups: Free (Automated Backups)
Control Panel: ISPConfig
SSL Certificates: Free (Let's Encrypt) / Your own existing SSL Certificate
Support: 24/7/365
Guarantee: 90 day money-back guarantee if services are not satisfactory

Please do not rant in the comments. Please keep the comment section clean and only comment $bid if you are truly interested and directly send me a DM afterwards, if you have any questions send me a DM.


  1. Comment with $bid or send me a DM.
  2. Please make payment to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) ( via PayPal as a service with your username as a payment reference. (You can pay up to a maximum of 3 years in advance to ensure that the price does not increase) - Or via BTC to Wallet: 3Dva9k5yqip5Nq22dtd8ST1cbwbeMrAfyu
  3. After payment please email me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) to have your account set up for you.
  4. Join our subreddit at relianx for news and updates.

If you believe that this offer is too good to be true, send me a DM to test it first.
You can use this service if you already have an existing domain name.
You can buy in advance and add a domain name later on.
You can register your domain name at any domain registrar and still use this hosting service.

It will work with any existing domain or newly registered domain. Essentially any domain name will work.

Install WordPress and 150+ other web applications easily with the automated installer directly from the control panel.

Generate Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates directly within the control panel. You can also use you own existing SSL certificate.

Your data is secure, servers are hosted in a secure data center. Servers are located in Germany, and new locations coming up in the US, France and Netherlands.

You will be able to host your PHP website, WordPress, WooCommerce, Static HTML or any of the 150+ ready to be installed applications.

Payment is done through PayPal and BTC. If you require another payment method, please sent me a DM.
You can pay up to a maximum of 3 years in advance.

I am not competing with any other hosting provider, I am offering which I think is a excellent service at a extremely good price. If you are happy with your current host then you have no reason to take up this offer.
Please do not rant in the comments. Please keep the comment section clean and only comment $bid if you are truly interested and directly send me a DM afterwards, if you have any questions send me a DM.
Please also note, I have an obsessive troll that keep bashing and ranting on my posts in the comments, I have reported and blocked this user. So if you see any negative comments, please note this user have never been a client of mine.
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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin Via Coinbase in the BitPay ... BEST BITCOIN DEBIT CARD 2018  Which is best BTC, LTC debit/credit card? Rise Wallet - Buy Bitcoin Easily Via Gift Cards - YouTube Bitcoins Erklärung: In nur 12 Min. Bitcoin verstehen ... Guide to the Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2019 - YouTube

Bei Kauf transferiert Coinsnap den Betrag ohne Wechselkursverlust direkt in das interne Währungs-Wallet, ebenso sind Bitcoin-Transaktion in das interne oder geschäftliche Bitcoin Wallet des Händlers möglich. Zur Administration und Analyse können alle Prozesse detailliert über das Dashboard eingesehen und statistisch ausgewertet werden. Die Card Wallet hat das Format einer üblichen Scheckkarte von 85mm x 54mm. Die Karte besteht aus Polycarbonat in das mit einem Laser ein privater Schlüssel und eine Bitcoin-Adresse aufgetragen wurden. Der private Schlüssel wird noch in der Maschine manipulationssicher versiegelt. Bestellung und Lieferung BitPay collects and deposits all payments processed from the previous business day directly to your bank or bitcoin wallet, according to your settlement preferences. BitPay issues bank settlements for Starter plan merchants on a weekly basis. BitPay supports settlement in 9 currencies and direct bank deposit in 38 countries. Bitcoin settlements are supported in 240 countries. For more ... Cart Hello Select your address Best ... Aenllosi Hard Case for Ledger Nano S X BTC Bitcoin Wallet Hardware. 4.8 out of 5 stars 82. $13.99 $ 13. 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Sep 24. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. AUTHENTREND ATWallet Fingerprint Cryptocurrency Wallet - Store Bitcoin, Ethereum and More with Biometric Security - Hold and Control Your Bitcoin Safely and Easily ... Lade dir dein persönliches Wallet für Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero oder Ethereum herunter und verwalte deine digitalen Währungen selbst: Download Bitcoin Core Wallet 0.14.2. Download für Windows (64 Bit) Download für Linux; Download für Mac OS X; Download Ethereum Core Wallet. Download für Windows (64 Bit) Download für Linux; Download für ...

[index] [16142] [8239] [3928] [26436] [24863] [48816] [40752] [1026] [27806] [18203]

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin Via Coinbase in the BitPay ...

Die Card Wallet ist die hochsichere Lagerungsmöglichkeit für Bitcoin, entwickelt von Coinfinity und der Österreichischen Staatsdruckerei: https://www.cardwal... Want the convenience of a bitcoin exchange with the security of a bitcoin wallet? Now you can have both! We walk you through integrating your BitPay Wallet w... Spend your cryptocurrency, bitcoin, litecoin with a bitcoin debit card. Here are links to best bitcoin debit cards discussed in the video. 1) Wirex - https:/... LET's make money online- "There are 4 types of Bitcoin wallets: 1. Bitco... This is my guide to the best bitcoin wallets of 2019. Of course, the best bitcoin wallets are totally based on opinion, but with that said, these are my favo...